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What is Gun Movie FX?

Gun Movie FX App IconGun Movie FX for iOS is an easy to use professional quality gun effects app for use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Create action movies with your choice of 70 high quality muzzle flashes, sound effects and much more.

Position gun flashes and other effects quickly and easily with our simple effects editor. Other effects in this app include blood spray and splatter, bullet hit effects, flying shells, smoke bursts and many different movie sound effects.

Add Muzzle Flashes to Your Videos

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70 Different Muzzle Flashes

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Awesome Sniper Scope Views

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FX List To To Track Your Work

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Custom FX Builder

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What's New in Version 6?

We have completely rebuilt Gun Movie FX for iOS from the ground up.

Muzzle flashes are now without gun sounds attached so you can build your own flash and sound CUSTOM FX!


  • ALL NEW pro quality muzzle flashes and sounds.

  • CUSTOM FX builder lets you build your own FX with a muzzle flash and gun sound of your choosing.

  • Added better indicators in the video scrubber.

  • Added an interactive FX list to keep track of all elements added to your project.

  • Individual audio level control for each audio effect.

  • Redesigned FX picker.

  • Added SNIPER FX for adding zoomed scope crosshair views.

  • Improved BLOOD FX.

  • Many new sound FX and MORE!

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Check us out on YouTube. There you will find examples of videos made with Gun Movie FX!

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