Tutorial v5

Gun Movie FX Beginner Tutorial

This tutorial is for Gun Movie FX version 5 and will show you the basics of adding simple gunshot flash effects to your video.

Begin by tapping the icon to start Gun Movie FX, the following start screen appears.

Tap the “Menu” icon to start.



You will need a video to work with. Gun Movie FX will use your video to overlay the gun “flash” effects.

For this tutorial, record a short video using a fake or toy gun or anything that you want to use to portray a gun. In the video, act like you are really shooting the gun. Add a little recoil to your shots to give a nice effect.

Tap the “Import” icon if you already have a video on your device to work with or tap “Camera” if you want to start recording a new video. You will add the gun flash effects after you have a recorded video.



After you have imported a video or recorded a video, your video should now appear in Gun Movie FX editor.



At the bottom of the screen you will see a video “scrubber” which allows you to tap and drag to move back and forth frame by frame through your video. Move the scrubber to the frame where you would like to add a gun shot flash effect.



Now that you are on the frame where you would like to add a flash effect, tap on the icon with the three dots at the top of the screen. An effects picker will appear.



From the Effects Picker, tap on “Custom FX” and then tap on the “+” icon to setup and configure a custom gun effect.



From this Custom FX builder screen you will see two columns. The left column allows you to select a gun flash appropriate to your scene. Once you tap on one of the flashes, you will see the selected flash appear in the top left corner. The right column allows you to select a gun sound to go with the selected gun flash.  Once you tap on a gun sound, you will see the selected sound appear in the top right corner.



Once you are happy with the selected gun flash and gun sound, you can name your custom effect by tapping on the text box at the top of the screen.  I will name this effect as “My Gun FX 1”. After giving your effect a unique name, tap on the red “SAVE FX” button to save your new custom gun effect.



After you saved, your new custom effect now appears in the Custom FX list.  We just have the one for now.  When you create more custom effects they will appear in this list. To delete an effect in the list, tap on the “Trash” icon. To add another effect, tap on the “Plus” icon.

To continue, tap on your new effect to select. Notice that the currently selected effect now appears in the list at the top. Now tap on the “X” icon to dismiss this window and return to the movie editor.



Now back in the movie editor you can see your new effect overlayed on the video frame.



With your finger, drag, pinch and rotate the flash to position and size the flash to your liking as shown below.



Now that you have positioned and re-sized the flash to your liking, tap on the “+” icon to save the flash on that frame of the video. Notice, your saved flash appears at the location in the scrubber below.



To add another flash, scrub the video ahead to the frame where you want to place another flash.  Then tap on the “+” icon again to save the flash to that frame of the video.  Notice once again the second flash now appears at that location in the scrubber.



Now that you have your effects set up on the chosen frames, you can use the FX List to track and edit your effects. Tap on the “>” icon located at the lower left corner of the screen to load the FX List.



Once the FX List is loaded, you will see a list of all your effects and the time where they are located in your video.  If you tap on one of the list items, your video will automatically scrub to the location where that effect is located.



If you tap on one of the “>” icons located to the right of each list item, an “Edit FX” popup appears. Here you can either adjust the volume of that particular effect or delete the effect from that location in the video by tapping on the “Delete FX” button. When you are done editing the effect, tap on the “X” icon to return to the FX List.



Once you are done editing your effects to your liking, tap on the “<” icon to dismiss the FX List.



At any time during the editing of your video, you can preview your video by tapping on the “Play” icon located on the left side of the screen.  Once you are happy with your video and are done editing, tap on the “red check mark” icon located at the top right of the window to formally build your video.



Your video has now been rendered and saved to the Gun Movie FX Gallery. To save your video to the Camera Roll(Photos app), tap on the “Photos” icon located at the far right corner of the bottom of the screen. Tap the “X” icon to return to the editor screen.



Once your movie is saved to your camera roll, you can then upload it to Youtube, Facebook, etc.



This tutorial demonstrated simple gun flash effects that you can overlay on your videos.  Play around and experiment with all the different effects and resize and rotate them. Have fun!